• Use : Snap-in bumpers or push in rubber feet, pads  are one range of anti vibration feet and non slip rubber feet for electronic devices and equipment. Easy and rapid to assemble, these push in rubber bumpers are manually fastened in equipment surfaces requiring protection from vibration, shock and sliding, shearing.

  • Advantages : High shear force and holding strength, self retaining in hole, excellent skid-resistance and high coefficient of friction, good resistance from shock and heat (from -20°C to +85°C), hardness : 60 – 70 Shore A

  • Variety : Standard or customized color grades (black, white, blue, transparent, green…), shapes and dimensions (tiny, small, medium, big push fit rubber feet) on demand

  • Application : Protect equipment surfaces exposed to moisture, with low surface energy (ie. PP/PE) and uneven surfaces which cannot be cleaned properly in HVAC, Automotive, Home Appliances, AssemblyPieds à cliper


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