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Applications in Domestic Appliances


In the field of domestic appliances, plastic fasteners are used in a variety of ways to ensure precise and reliable assembly. For example, in cooking, washing or refrigeration appliances, our fasteners are used to hold and assemble various components in a robust and safe way.

We can also intervene in the opening and closing of household appliances, by controlling or slowing down movement. These fixings guarantee longevity and comfort in this type of equipment.

Fastening the External Panels

In the design and manufacture of large appliances, every detail counts to guarantee the quality and durability of the appliance. Plastic blind rivets are an effective solution for assembling external metal panels. With the option of supplying these rivets in white on lacquered sheet metal, they also provide a visually discreet solution.

The advantages of our blind rivets:

Firstly, our blind rivets provide a solid and secure fixing for the external metal panels, guaranteeing the stability of the entire appliance structure. Their specific design after expansion ensures high resistance to pull-out forces, reducing the risk of failure or damage.

Secondly, unlike traditional methods of assembly that require access to both sides of the surface to be fixed, blind rivets can be installed from one side only using high-speed pneumatic or Li-Ion battery riveters. This feature is particularly advantageous when it comes to assembling metal panels, simplifying and speeding up the manufacturing process.

Baking oven application: In the case of a baking oven for a major household appliance manufacturer, our blind rivets are used to join panels safely and efficiently, ensuring the strength of the structure while preserving its integrity in the face of high temperatures and repeated heating cycles.

Secure electronic components

In the household appliances sector, guaranteeing the reliability and durability of electronic components is essential to ensure that appliances function properly.

Our PCB spacers offer a number of advantages:

Firstly, our spacers provide solid support for printed circuit boards (PCBs), preventing unwanted movement of electronic components during operation. This stability reduces the risk of damage from vibration and shock, extending the life of electronic circuits.

Secondly, thanks to their plastic nature, our PCB spacers provide electrical insulation between the different layers of printed circuits (can be supplied in PA66 UL V0). This minimises the risk of short-circuits and malfunctions caused by electromagnetic interference, ensuring that the electronic components work properly and safely.

In an induction hob, the PCB provides the key control for the equipment and the connection, control cards and displays. PCB spacers are used to securely fix these components inside the device, guaranteeing their stability and protection against vibration and temperature variations.

Improving the Comfort and Durability of Top-Opening Appliances

Many household appliances, large and small, have a top opening (washing machine, deep fryer, bread maker, etc.). These openings must be controlled and monitored to ensure that the customer’s experience is quiet and effortless, and to prevent damage to the top cover.

This problem can easily be solved by installing single dampers or tailor-made ones. Klip-It rotary dampers are specially designed for this type of project, offering an effective and practical solution.

Our dampers have a number of advantages:

Firstly, our rotary dampers incorporate a braking mechanism that allows the lid to move smoothly and silently, eliminating disruptive slamming noises.
As well as reducing noise, our retarders protect the opening mechanism of appliances against wear and damage caused by sudden, repeated movements. They guarantee a long service life for the appliance, ensuring optimum performance over the long term.

Take the example of a washing machine with a top opening: the repeated banging noises can be annoying and detrimental to its longevity. Incorporating dampers into washing machine models offers undeniable added value, ensuring a better user experience and preserving the quality of the appliance over time.

Push-Push locks: simplicity and security

Many small electrical appliances have simple press-to-open and close systems, making them easy to use. This practicality is made possible by push-push locks, offering a discreet and effective solution for the lid of various household appliances, while ensuring safe use of the appliance.

Our Push-Push locks offer many advantages:

Our locks allow the lid to be opened and closed in a single movement, thanks to a simple pressure mechanism. This ease of use makes the device accessible to everyone, offering a hassle-free user experience.

Our push-push technology ensures that the lid closes securely, preventing accidental opening while the appliance is in operation. This reliable locking mechanism reduces the risk of spillage or burns due to careless handling of the lid and also ensures a high number of opening cycles (> 10,000 cycles).

Take, for example, an air fryer with a lid that can be opened by simply pressing. This feature makes the user experience both simple and effective. Our push-push lock combines security and efficiency in this device. What’s more, our locks are integrated into the inside of the lid, making them discreet, for an aesthetically pleasing finish.