• Use: Sticky rubber pads or self adhesive rubber feet, bumpers are one range of anti vibration feet and anti slip feet for electronic devices and equipment. These self adhesive bumpers are easy to use by sticking the pad on the equipment surface needing a protection from vibration, shock and skidding.

  • Advantages : THT process for the highest adhesion performance, excellent skid-resistance and high coefficient of friction, shock and heat (from -20°C to +85°C), hardness : 60 – 70 Shore A, non-marring and non-staining material, low cost

  • Variety : Standard or customized color grades (black, white, blue, transparent, green…), shapes and dimensions (tiny, small, medium, big sticky pads) on demand

  • Application : Protect machines, devices, equipment in HVAC, Automotive, Home Appliances, Assembly

Butées adhésives THT


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