Expandable – Expanding Rivets

Definition of the Expanding Rivet

Expandable rivets consist of two main parts. A pre-drilled nail and a rivet with extension arms. When the expanding rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the parts to be joined. The head of the nail is placed against the surface of the part. This creates pressure on the walls of the hole and spreads them apart. This causes the rivet to expand, ensuring a solid, secure fastening. Thanks to their plastic nature, our expanding rivets are corrosion-resistant.

There are also rivets specifically adapted to particular environments such as vibration or high pressure. They are often preferred to screws and bolts because of their ease of installation and strength. Expandable rivets can also maintain a perfect seal between assembled parts.

Advantages of our Expandable Rivets

First and foremost, plastic expandable rivets can be used to assemble various materials such as metal, wood, plastic or even plaster quickly and efficiently. This saves time when fastening components.

In addition, plastic expanding rivets offer high tensile and shear strength, making them a reliable and durable fastening solution. They are particularly popular in applications requiring high resistance to vibration. Our plastic expansion rivets are not subject to corrosion. What’s more, our rivets are very easy to install. It can be installed without the need for special tools, by simply pressing it in without the need for riveting pliers. This makes them ideal for assembly operations. Finally, our expandable rivets are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials – nylon, plastic, etc. – making them suitable for many specific applications and requirements.

Applications for our Rivets

The plastic expanding rivet is a fastening tool widely used in many applications. It is used to assemble components quickly and efficiently, securing them firmly in place.

In the construction industry, the plastic expandable rivet is often used to fasten plasterboard, mouldings, cladding and roof windows. Its resistance to shearing makes it an ideal choice for ensuring the solidity of assemblies. In industry, these rivets are widely used for assembling metal parts, particularly in the mechanical sector. Thanks to its high strength and ability to withstand vibrations and significant mechanical stress, it enables reliable assemblies to be produced. In the automotive sector, plastic expandable rivets are often used to fasten bodywork components, hooks or flanges. Its resistance to corrosion makes it an ideal choice for outdoor applications, while guaranteeing unfailing strength.

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