Equipment Protection Bumpers & Feet

  • Rubber bumper or plastic feet are essential to protect industrial as well as office equipment (printer, telephone, lan box, computer, laptop), home appliances (television, washing machine, dishing machine, microwave, oven) from grinding, slipping, vibration, noise, shaking, crushing.

  • These small plastic, rubber feet and pads are especially designed to fit any customer’s requirement in terms of colors (transparent, black, white blue, green, red…),dimensions and shapes in order to create an ergonomic design for products.

  • Markets served by Klip-it’s ranges of plastic protector bumpers : Automobile, HVAC, Assembly, Machining, Industrial equipment production

Rubber Bumper, Feet – Plastic feet for electronic equipment – Klip-it
  • Self Adhesive Rubber Feet - TPU Bumper

    • THT process for the highest adhesion performance • Excellent skid-resistance and high coefficient of friction • Non-marring and non-staining material • Hardness : 60 - 70 Shore A • More shapes on demand.

  • Snap-In Bumper feet

    • Quick and easy to install • Ideal for applications where a mechanical fastening method is required, such as : applications exposed to moisture, uneven surfaces, surfaces which cannot be cleaned properly and surfaces with low surface energy (ie. PP/PE). • High shear force and holding strength • Self retaining in hole