Technical Plastic Cable Fasteners

  • Plastic cable holders and pipe clips are necessary to handle any kind of electrical cables, wire ropes, cords, harnesses, pipes and printed cardboard (PCB) found in most of industrial equipments, vehicles.

  • In terms of lightweight, affordable price, various shape and cable surface protection, it’s recommended to use plastic cable clamps and electrical pipe fixing to fasten wire together or on panels.

  • At diverse dimensions et colors, those plastic wire fasteners (insulation clips in some cases) are designed to be congruent with any specific requirements and to help customers assemble perfectly home appliances, electrical devices, cars, trucks, industrial equipment.

Insulation, Wire Clips Holder, Plastic Cable Clamps, Pipe Fixings – Klip-it
  • Top & Bottom Entry Wire Clips
    • Fixed into chassis with a single push • Self retaining in panel • Accomodates various bundle sizes
  • Side Entry Push Fit Cable Clips
    • Fixed into chassis with a single push • Self retaining in panel • Accomodates various bundle sizes
  • Cable Clamp - Push Fit Hinged Cable Clips
    • Hinge mechanism locks cable in place • Suitable for securing convoluted conduit
  • Screwfix Cable Clips - Pipe Clips
    Pipe Clips screw mounting type are designed to hold corrugated conduit in heavy-duty applications where a secure fixing is required. The clip snaps shut by means of a strong locking device and can be re-opened to allow positional adjustment if necessary.
  • Edge mounted Cable Clamp - Pipe Clamp
    • Edge mounted via 4 teeth metal spring form • Vibration resistant • Simple to install by hand • Action of inserting cable activates special retention latch
  • Self Adhesive Cable Clips - Cord Clip
    • Quick and simple to install • Simply push-fit action to install cables or tubes
  • Purse Lock – Cable Twist Lock Clip
    Cable twist designed to twist and lock cable bundles securely in place • Reusable • Quick assembly • Low cost • Easy to use • Used for cable or pipe
  • Cable Strain Relief Bushing - Cable Grommet
    • Power cable security • Accomodates various cables • Secure mounting system • Easy to assembly • Screws not supplied
  • Mini Cable Clip
    • Rapid assembly • Insulates at contact points • Reusable • Non corrosive • Simple cable management system
  • Plastic Cable Ties - Zip Ties
    Snap in cable ties for an efficient and secured cable holding.
  • PCB Spacer – Printed Cardboard Support
    These PCB Supports provide a strong fixing solution in many printed circuit board applications, and are easily snapped into place to hold the board in position. Typical applications include electronics, computers and domestic appliances. Wide variety of styles accomodate all your serviceability and mounting requirements
  • Lens Clips
    • Snap on the bulb • Green - red -amber -natural available These neon lens clips snap neatly into a pre-punched hole providing a one piece lens and bulb holder. Typical applications include electrical appliances, computer equipment and instrument panels.