Our company is specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial plastic fasteners

Panel Fasteners

Used to fasten together a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, padded fabrics, rubber, and many others.

Cable Management & Electronics

Used to handle any kind of cables, pipes, cords, found in most industrial equipments.

Panel Access

Ideally used to fasten panels for which temporary removing or opening are needed.

Bumpers and Feet

Bumpers and Feet are used as feet, stops, spacers and protectors. Ideal to prevent from vibrating or sliding, as well as to trap sounds.


Label tags with cable used to secure retailed products from theft, or to visually identify some industrial equipments.

Clip for the foliage wires

Reyclips are made from high quality materials and are very easy to apply to the foliage wires. The 2 small "studs" hold one side of the clip in place on one of the wires The Reyclips are easy to apply. No tools or training required. Labour and time saving. Ideal for the wine-growing, wine-growing accessories