Panel Access

Ideally used to fasten panels for which temporary removing or opening are needed.

Panel access
  • Push Push Latch
    Push Push Latch are suitable for lightweight applications on doors, compartments and access panels, on products such as computer monitors & control consoles. Push Push Latch operate with a smooth & reliable push-to-open/close action & snap easily into pre-punched holes, reducing installation time
  • Latches & Strikes
    Latches and strikes for electric appliance and instrument industries. They are esy to install and conveniently to use. The small size makes that they occupie little space. Used for vehicule storage boxes, portable refrigerators, dryers, dish washers, washing machines.
  • Tree Lok
    Tree lok fastener: The ball head fits neatly into a plain bored hole or optional mating receptacle to securely lock access panels. Permits easy panel opening with moderate pressure. Increase production time and save money
  • Snap latch
    Snap Latch: This captive access panel latch system is offered in a wide range of sizes. They offer secure latching for applications where no male piece is available and a high repetition of opening and closing strokes are required