Panel Fasteners

Used to fasten together a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, padded fabrics, rubber, and many others.

Panel Fasteners
  • Canoe clips
    Canoe Clips are a low cost replacement for screws and rivets. Clips snap into round holes securely holding in metal, plastic, and a variety of materials. Ideal for assembling gaskets, nameplates, and lightweight panels to other panels and components.
  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree Fastener • High quality • Assures insertion and removal without damage or distortion • Quick and easy to install • Large panel range
  • Ratchet Rivet
    Ratchet Rivet consist of two identical parts. The two ratchet rivet parts are simply pushed together forming a secure and tamper proof fixing. Can be used on both rigid and compressible materials. Typical applications are vehicles, domestic appliances, audio equipment and furniture, POS (Point of Sales)
  • Lokut Nut
    • Ideal for self-threading screws • Securely lock screw and assembled parts in place • Ideal for connecting thin-gauge materials • Will not corrode Lokut Nut Ideal for self-threading screws, Securely lock screw and assembled parts in place, Ideal for connecting thin-gauge materials, Will not corrode
  • Hole Plug
    Durable, attractive, non-conductive plugs match all your needs. Choose from many shapes, sizes and styles for temporary, permanent, functional, or cosmetic hole filling. Provides excellent dust protection for electronic equipment
  • Snap Rivets
    • Simple to use, no tooling required - just press together • Gives neat finished appearance • Ideal for both rigid and compressible materials • Ideal for signs and displays
  • Plasti Rivets
    These one-piece Expansion Rivets can be used for fitting components, or securing plastic or metal panels and are ideal in situations where the work area is only accessible from one side. The Rivet expands in the hole as the drive pin is pushed inwards, locking the assembly firmly into place.
  • Cage Nut - Cage Lok
    Cage Nut "Cage Lok" • Front panel fast 1/4 or 1/8 turn assembly • Heavy duty applications • KEC-M = Metal cage KEC-P = Plastic cage • KCL : Specific references for 19" racks, enclosures, server rack
  • K Rivet
    K Rivets are designed for medium-duty fastening of a wide variety of materials including soft rubbers, urethanes, padded fabrics and plastics. They provide a non-marking, enlarged bearing surface that draws panels together securely, without secondary washers, whilst still allowing for thermal expansion.
  • Push rivets Tuflok
    These removable push rivets provide a reusable solution when fixing panels or components together. Quick and easy to install for all applications, the closed nose design option of these plastic rivets provides further help with alignment when the application is blind.
  • Screw Rivets
    Screw Rivets offer following advantages: • Quick to install by hand • Easily removable and reusable • Closed end feature acts as self-aligning mechanism • Aesthetical finish